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Join Chef Umberto Menghi

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Hosted Meandering Danube Cruise


Join Umberto Menghi on a Hosted Cruise on the Danube

Umberto Menghi

Born in Pontedera, Tuscany, Umberto was sixteen years old when he enrolled in a hotel school in Rome, beginning a life-long commitment to food and the world of great restaurants. After more training in London and Paris, he moved to Canada in 1967, and headed west in 1969. In 1973, from a yellow house on the fringe of downtown Vancouver, Umberto started a restaurant revolution with his fresh, authoritative food. He has owned many restaurants over the years and still owns Giardino in Vancouver.  He has written five best-selling cookbooks, including Umberto’s Kitchen and Umberto’s Pasta Book and his first cooking show, “The Elegant Appetite”, made Umberto a familiar face across Canada.

Join Chef Umberto on this Meandering Danube cruise that begins and ends in Vienna, the country’s stately capital city. Austria’s relationship with the Danube is special - and the focus of this exceptional 8-day luxury cruise. Discover its grand palaces, world -class museums, historical buildings lining the Ringstrasse. Other unforgettable ports include Melk, home to the impressive ochre-colored abbey with its huge library of ancient manuscripts and the gorgeous spiral staircase; Linz, birthplace of the world’s first cake; Passau, one of Germany’s busiest manufacturing centers of bladed weapons during the Renaissance; and the former WWII concentration camp at Mauthausen.
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Day 1 Vienna, AUS (Embarkation)
Welcome to Vienna!
Your Ship is Ready for boarding.
Enjoy Dinner onboard as you sail for Melk in the Evening.

Day 2 Durnstein - Melk, AUS
Durnstein, AUS
The ancient Kuenringer City is an absolutely essential destination on the bank of the Danube River where tradition and beauty meet in an unparalleled manner. The landscape is characterized by the natural beauty of the area.
Melk Abbey is one of the most magnificent examples of marble, gilded wood, stucco and finely mastered frescoes. Built in 1746 by order of the Benedictine monks, the monastery is perched on a rock nearly 200 feet / 60 meters above the ground. When you stand on the Altane (the great terrace of the monastery) the view of the Danube and the town of Melk almost brings tears to your eyes with emotion. What a view!

Day 3 Linz - Engelhartszell, AUS
Linz? Often, the only things that come to mind are “Linzer Torte” and Mozart’s Linz Symphony. The city is truly underestimated, with its baroque main square and magnificent old town. Do you love a good market? Then Linz is your town, boasting eleven farmers markets and two Christmas Markets. One, the “Urfahraner Market” takes place in both the Spring and Fall. Shopping anyone?

Day 4 Passau, GER
Passau is first and foremost a university town. That is why it is young, vibrant and full of life. Passau has quite an amount of character thanks to the prevalence of Baroque and Gothic architecture including many beautiful churchs and cathedrals as well as the Veste Oberhaus, a fortress since the Middle Ages.

Day5 Linz - Mauthausen - Grein, AUS
Mauthausen: Explore the Austrian countryside with a visit to Steyr or St. Florian.

Day 6 Grein - Ybbs - Durnstein:
The rococo theatre in Grein was built in 1793 solely to provide a little diversion for the guests passing through. It is located in the middle of the enchanted old town and is still preserved. Its wooden hall is situated in today’s town hall. You have to have seen it. And then there is Greinsburg Castle with its maritime museum. A perfect overview of the history of navigation on the Danube!
The small Community of Ybbs is a favorite for guests searching for peace and quiet. Find a Heurigen – an open air wine restaurant to relax and enjoy

Day 7 Vienna, AUS
This is the city of classical music. It’s Mozart and Strauss. It's street art on a sandy beach and fun in the countryside. It’s bohemia and bourgeoisie and the finest baroque. And of course Art Nouveau.

Day 8 Vienna, AUS
Your Cruise ends with breakfast this morning.


Harmony Suite: CAD 6,100 Per Person 

Riverside Suite: CAD 8,411 Per Person 

Penthouse Suite: CAD 10,434 Per Person

No Single Supplement on Harmony Suites Prices (Limited Availability)
Includes port charges, gratuities, and roundtrip transfers, Drinks Onboard and Shore Excursions.
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Hosted Danube River Cruise

Join Chef Umberto on this Meandering Danube that begins and ends in Vienna, the country’s stately capital city. Austria’s relationship with the Danube is special - and the focus of this exceptional hosted 8-day luxury cruise.
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